Paper on Isotropic Helicoids in the news

Our experimental and theoretical exploration of Lord Kelvin’s isotropic helicoid was recently published in Phys. Rev. Fluids 6:074302 (2021).  This was a collaborative project with Bernhard Mehlig and Kristian Gustavsson from the Univ. of  Gothenburg Sweden and  Fabien Candelier from Aix Marseille Univ. in France.  News reports on the work have appeared in Physics magazine … Read more

Chiral Dipoles paper published in PRL

The paper describing our measurements and simulations of chiral dipoles that show a preferential rotation direction in isotropic turbulence just appeared in PRL:

FunSize Physics

FunSize Physics is a new web site  we are developing to promote research in Condensed Matter Physics.  Researchers are invited to contribute material.

Focus on Fluids Article

A Focus on Fluids article in Journal of Fluid Mechanics by Greg Voth highlights recent work on Disks in Turbulent Channel Flow by N. Challabotla, L. Zhao, and Helge Andersson at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Eberhard Bodenschatz receives 2014 Stanley Corrsin Award

Eberhard Bodenschatz received the 2014 Stanley Corrsin Award.  The citation reads “For seminal contributions to experimental techniques that enabled quantitative Lagrangian measurements which opened a new subfield of turbulence research.” It has been fascinating to see the advancement in Lagrangian particle tracking measurements since my graduate work in the Bodenschatz group from 1995-2000 and it … Read more